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giving back

We have the utmost respect for organizations dedicated to research and solutions that focus on preventing the scourge of oral cancer.


Therefore we are committed to donating a portion of the proceeds of every bottle of KissSafe™ sold

to The Bruce Paltrow Oral Cancer Fund in order to support their excellent work.


The Bruce Paltrow Oral Cancer Fund is a collaboration between the Paltrow family

represented by Ms. Blythe (Paltrow) danner,

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Paltrow and the Oral Cancer Foundation.


At a time when many cancers in the US are experiencing a reduction in incidence and death rates,

oral cancers increased 11% in 2007 alone, and have continued to increase every year since then.

The timing and need for funding could not be more urgent.

We at Malibu Biotech Systems and the Kisssafe® family are proud to be a part of the fight against this insidious disease.

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