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    What Is KISSSAFE®?

KISSSAFE® Oral Antiseptic is a patent-pending composition designed to kill germs in the oral cavity during kissing and other related acts of oral intimacy.


So basically KissSafe® is a great tasting breath freshener that includes a 'secret sauce' that kills nasty bacteria in the mouth and contains ingredients that have proven to be effective in promoting oral hygiene in numerous ways and Did we mention it tastes minty great?
The product is delivered to the mouth by means of a metered pump dose spray bottle. Two or three three sprays are considered a dose. Original KissSafe® is flavored with natural peppermint.( you spray it into the mouth, right?)


Use KISSSAFE® before or after kissing or similar acts of intimacy, to kill germs in the mouth and freshen breath.
And just about anytime you want that rush of mint-fresh breath.


The Journal of the Microbiome (Nov 2014) published a study indicating 80million germs are exchanged in a 10 second deep french kiss.and that's just the start. Read this harvard newsletter.

Who makes KissSafe®?
KissSafe® is manufactured in California, USA by
Malibu Biotech Systems llc, an enlightened company
with a mission to create products that make
physical intimacy more enjoyable, and safer.
We eagerly embrace our role as manufacturers and marketers of products that contain ingredients that affect the  human intimate behavior experience, while raising community awareness to those consequences.
As a socially responsible company, we encourage the safest practices and responsible behavior.
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