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Kissing. Exciting and Intimate.

From the electricity of your very first, kissing is one of the most spectacular things we can share as humans, both in the act and the message.

Kissing can be the gateway to so much more.
But sometimes nasty business can hitch an unwanted ride with our passions in the form of germs and nasty microbes. Studies indicate that the mouth is a pathway for germs to enter the rest of the body.

KissSafe® works to eliminate those unwanted pests, safely killing germs in the mouth, before and after,  while leaving you with great tasting, safer breath.

              Kiss. Don't Risk®.


  Why we love KissSafe®


Great breath sends a signal. Killing germs protects you both. It's a sign of caring.


Kissing is the gateway to oral intimacy. Let KissSafe protect your pride and your body.


80 million germs exchanged in a 10 second deep French kiss. Who are we to argue with Harvard?


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